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Changer College is the online education platform dedicated to teach aspiring creators the skills, strategies and insights to become great content creators and successful creative entrepreneurs.

Our Accelerate for YouTube course shares with you the insights and motivation that aspiring creators need to confidently turn their passion into a sustainable career.

We've built a supportive creator community for you to connect and collaborate with to share experiences, collaborate with and help keep you motivated as you grow on your creator journey.

Who is it for?
Everyone and anyone! Whatever your passion (and whatever your age) we're here to help you share it with the world. We have comedians, bar tenders, musicians, producers, artists, illustrators, vloggers, cooks, graphic designers, artists, gardeners  and more taking the course and they're getting in touch with us all the time to let us know how helpful this course is for them! 

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Who's Changer?

Meet Ant & Fred

We are creators, educators and strategists and have dedicated ourselves to being the conduit for the best knowledge and insights in building a business as a content creator.

We started Changer over 6 years ago when we saw the immense potential for content creators to build successful businesses around a shared passion. And we knew we could help.

We develop the creator economy by helping video creators to grow. We believe creators are much more than content factories, they are creative entrepreneurs, shaping the global video landscape. 

We run creator education programs all over the world, in partnership with YouTube, Google and other leading partners, developing the next generation of creator including partnering with YouTube to deliver the world's first YouTube Creator Incubator and YouTube Creator Accelerator.

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2.1M subscribers

“We've implemented just a few of the strategies we learned from Changer and are already seeing impressive results."

Chris' Room

Chris' Room

303K subscribers

“The team at Changer have done a fantastic job of guiding each of the participants and tailored advice based on individual needs."

Beauty News

Beauty News

540K subscribers

"Changer has a wealth of knowledge and are really lovely to work with! We highly recommend getting in touch with them if you want to learn more about creating YouTube content."

Featuring insights and tips from top creators

Planet Dolan

7.7M subscribers

2B+ views

Chikas Chic

1.5M subscribers


Internet Historian

2.1M subscribers



664K subscribers



2.9M subscribers


Rosie’s Dessert Spot

408K subscribers


What you'll learn...

You'll graduate Changer College with all of the insights and secrets from some of the world's top experts and YouTubers!

Get your channel set up the right way from the start.

We demystify YouTube, break down how YouTube's many algorithms work and show you how a new channel can succeed.

This jam-packed module has lessons on how to creating around your passion, exercises to come up with successful channel ideas, how to develop your video format and how to connect with your audience.

We share the proven ways to optimize your channel and content to get your videos watched including the secrets to killer titles and thumbnails and how to promote your videos to the right audience (not a convenient one).

We go show you how to understand your analytics so you can use them to your advantage to get more views and grow your audience. 

We show you the best ways to make money as a content creator including sharing our template to developing your own diversified revenue strategy.

A deep-dive series of interviews with 12 of the world's top creators. With a combined 20 million subscribers, these creators share exclusively share their inside secrets and strategies.

An exclusive 27-video series where Changer co-founders Fred & Ant sit down with you to share their insights gained from working with some of the best creators in the world. Including authenticity, making money, audience development, building a business, failing, working with brands, virality and even what to film on.

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Who is the Accelerate course for?

This course is designed for new and emerging YouTube creators. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have been creating videos, but haven’t had much traction, this course is for you.

A lot of advanced full-time creators we have worked with have also benefited from the information in this course.

What are the main topics covered in the Accelerate for YouTube course

The Accelerate for YouTube course has been designed to cover all of the foundations you need to get set up for success, including:

- Understanding how YouTube’s algorithms work (and what you can do about it)
- Deciding what YouTube videos to make
- Increasing your views
- Building a community
- How to take advantage of YouTube analytics to grow your channel
- The fundamentals of making money on YouTube and other opportunities to make money as a YouTube creator

Who are all of the YouTube creators featured in the Accelerate for YouTube course?

This course includes insights and in-depth interviews with the creators from the following YouTube channels:

Planet Dolan (7.7 million subs)
Beauty News (560k subs)
Internet Historian (3 million subs)
Get Set Fly Science (3.7 million subs)
Immy Maryam (560k subs)
GuitarZero2Hero (670k subs)
Chris’s Room (370k subs)
Rosie’s Dessert Spot (439k subs)
Chikas Chic (1.5 million subs)
Shadiversity (918k subs)
Little Grey Box (40k subs)
Piera Forde (44k subs)

What’s the online creator community you mention?

We have created an online community just for content creators. Here you are connected to a global creator community to get feedback, share knowledge, unlock opportunities and help you continue to grow.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We have a generous affiliate marketing program for selected partners. If you’d like to apply or find out more please get in touch with us.

Who is Changer Studios?

Changer was founded by Farhad Meher-Homji and Ant McCormack to help grow the next generation of creators.

We run a series of world-first creator initiatives, in partnership with YouTube and other leading partners, helping to develop the next generation of creator talent. These initiatives include:
- Changer College
- YouTube programs: Workshops & education initiatives in partnership with YouTube
- Creator Generation: a weekly podcast featuring the stories of success & failures of creators all over the world
- Antimass Ventures: Investing in, and building, new revenue opportunities in collaboration with creators.