Your Learning Structure

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  • 2

    What You Need To Know About YouTube

    • YouTube's Journey
    • The Algorithms
    • Can My New Channel Succeed?
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 3

    Do It Right: Creating Content

    • Module Intro
    • The Problem With Viral Videos
    • Creating Around Passion
    • EXERCISE TO HELP: Idea Generation
    • EXERCISE: Idea Generation
    • How To Do Your Research
    • The Fundamentals
    • Choosing Your Format
    • EXERCISE TO HELP: Developing Formats
    • Making Your Videos Watchable
    • Connecting With Your Audience
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 4

    Get Your Videos To Stand Out

    • Module Intro
    • Banners, Icons, Playlists and Trailers
    • Thumbnails and Titles - The Keys to Your Success on YouTube
    • EXERCISE TO HELP: Thumbnails & Titles
    • Promoting Your Videos
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 5

    Making Analytics Useful

    • Module Intro
    • Reach
    • Interest The Viewer
    • Build an Audience
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 6

    Making Money

    • Module Intro
    • Monetization
    • Different Types of Revenue
    • EXERCISE TO HELP: Develop Revenue Sources
    • WORK SHEET: Develop Revenue Sources
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 7

    Creator Interviews

    • Shad from Shadiversity [Fantasy]
    • Rosie from Rosie's Desert Spot [Cooking]
    • Kat & Hailey from Beauty News [Beauty]
    • Marcela & Veronica from Chika's Chic [Beauty]
    • Immy Maryam from Immy Maryam [Beauty and Lifestyle]
    • Gaurav from GetSetFly Science [Science]
    • Chris from Chris's Room [Motivation]
    • Harold from the Internet Historian [Comedy]
    • Dolan from Planet Dolan [Listicles]
    • Danielle Lewis from Scrunch [Brand Expert]
    • Paul Walton from 720Creative [Producer]
    • Dave from GuitarZero2Hero [Music]
    • Piera Forde from Piera Ford [Booktubing]
    • Matt & Phoebe from Little Grey Box [Travel]
  • 8

    Topic Insights

    • Analytics
    • Audience
    • Authenticity
    • Brands
    • Community
    • Consistency
    • Content Ideas
    • Content Types
    • What if YouTube Didn't Exist?
    • Failure
    • Formats
    • Money
    • Opportunities
    • Partnerships
    • Passion
    • Planning
    • Promotion
    • Research
    • Structure
    • Testing
    • Thumbnails and Titles
    • Top Tips
    • Uniqueness
    • Value
    • Virality
    • Why YouTube?
    • What We Film On
  • 9

    Course Wrap-Up

    • Thanks For Watching
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