Your Learning Structure

  • 2

    What You Need To Know About YouTube

    • YouTube's Journey
    • The Algorithms
    • Can My New Channel Succeed?
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 3

    Do It Right: Creating Content

    • Module Intro
    • The Problem With Viral Videos
    • Creating Around Passion
    • How To Do Your Research
    • The Fundamentals
    • Choosing Your Format
    • Making Your Videos Watchable
    • Connecting With Your Audience
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 4

    Get Your Videos To Stand Out

    • Module Intro
    • Banners, Icons, Playlists and Trailers
    • Thumbnails and Titles - The Keys to Your Success on YouTube
    • Promoting Your Videos
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 5

    Making Analytics Useful

    • Module Intro
    • Reach
    • Interest The Viewer
    • Build an Audience
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 6

    Making Money

    • Module Intro
    • Monetization
    • Different Types of Revenue
    • Module Wrap-Up
    • Our Thoughts: Discussion (Bonus Video)
  • 7

    Course Wrap-Up

    • Thanks For Watching
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Video 1: Introduction

Why Accelerate?

Changer's Accelerate Course is here to help new and emerging creators succeed on YouTube. From content creation and idea generation to optimising and promoting your content. We will take you through all the key aspects in a logical, easy-to-follow way.

  • Over 30 easy-to-follow tutorial videos with actionable advice

  • In-depth interviews with successful YouTube Creators and online Video Experts

  • Special guides and structures to help you come up with channel and content ideas

  • Multiple ways to do the course - Fast / Standard / Complete

  • Ongoing value - as YouTube changes, you'll also be kept up to date with updated lessons

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